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Dia de Los Muertos

also made by nervous_girl
Dia de Los Muertos. or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican tradition that borrows from the Indigenous cultures and the Spanish Culture that make up Mexico. On November 2nd (depending on what state you are in the traditions are a bit different, but always on Nov.2) families all over Mexico remember their loved ones who have passed away by sharing a meal and spending the day with them. It all begins (like any good mexican holiday) with food. The family tries to make at least one of the favorite dishes and/or treats of the deceased and either buys or make Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead). The family then head off to the cemetery (that may or may not include a trip to church) where they clean and make sure the headstone and burial plot are neat, clean and look their best. Flowers are brought to help beautify the area, the traditional flower of the dead is called Cempazúchil or Mexican marigold. After the are has been beautified and cleaned, the family sit down and have a meal in the cemetery with their loved ones and even serve them a plate.

Another very important aspect of the holiday that tends to be more "optional" than that the visit to the cemetery is the altar for the dead. The altar mainly has flowers of the dead for decoration, religious icons, candles, and most importantly pictures and trinkets of the deceased.

According to my mother, our family in mexico always has a visit to the cemetery on Nov 2nd, that is one of our traditions... The altar thing? Not so much, but Naty and I deicded that this year we were gonna begin a new tradition based on Mexican tradition and make an altar for my (our) abuelito Mariano and abuelita Monica (que en paz descansen). Normally we would have tons of marigolds, but we are poor students so that was kinda nixed so we decided to make mexican paper flowers out of tissue paper, I made most of them and Naty "supervised" so she only made like four lol The pictures are the end result so I hope you like it :)

If you want to learn a bit more about el Dia de Los Muertos, here is the wiki.

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Jun. 29th, 2009

also made by nervous_girl

03:24 My Daily Twittascope - #

15:57 Rip billy mays But as my grandma says, death happens everyday its part of a cycle, its just that most time we choose to be unaware of it. #

16:06 @7rex that's why after natasha richardson died doctors started to say that if you have anytype of blow to the head to go to a hospital #

20:10 I want steak, I'm always craving steak... Or some kind of beef, I don't know why #

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Jun. 28th, 2009

also made by nervous_girl

17:20 Ugh I'm car sick and I just ate taco bell... :/ #

18:06 Watching hancock... Its ok :) #

18:44 @danieldigiacomo on the sidebar there should be a link that says direct nessages, click that #

18:48 @danieldigiacomo hmmmmmmmm I have no idea then.... Maybe closing the browser and deleteing the caches... But I don't thonk that would work #

18:49 @danieldigiacomo maybe techinical support? #

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Jun. 27th, 2009

also made by nervous_girl

02:21 I'm watching the original BBC version of pride & prejudice and it is AMAZING! #

03:26 My Daily Twittascope - #

11:33 Holy shit, I used to pay $120 for cable D: $40 for high speed internet and $80 for cable I didn't watch... Always check your bills people #

11:36 I called CS and got a deal $30 for cable with HBO for a year and the same for the internet, now I only pay $70 and save $50 which is doable #

13:18 Dudes I'm like super hungry #

13:46 Ahhhhhh!!! I love having HBO on demand #

15:58 My Daily Twittascope - #

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Jun. 26th, 2009

also made by nervous_girl

04:20 @novelgentry is that legal? #

16:08 Omg ONTD BROKE LJ!!! My friend taxted me that MJ had died and I went to confirm on ONTD and all of LJ is down... So that means he is dead. #

16:08 RIP MJ #

16:09 I am gonna be pissed off though because this is gonna get more media attention that the Iran elections and that's bull... #

16:12 Yes he was a great entertainer, but there are some things that are more important. #

16:25 @novelgentry yeah #

16:44 RT today, at one PM people all over Iran will be airing green baloons and make the sky GREEN! #iranelection #

17:42 My Daily Twittascope - #

18:57 TMI but you men are lucky fucking bastards, I almost fainted from the pain coming from my uterus, good thing I was near my bed. Jesus christ #

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Jun. 25th, 2009

also made by nervous_girl

13:53 @7rex one time, he left to france and no one even knew until they had a crisis and he had to fly back to SC #

13:56 @KrisBrannock what diet are you doing? #

16:06 My Daily Twittascope - #

18:00 @novelgentry Hey, can I ask you a question? #

18:13 @novelgentry know any light blogging cms? I've found chyrp, but I've been ding a bit of research and it looks like since the new update... #

18:15 @novelgentry There have been problems developing themes and templates. Do you have an opinion on Expression engine or text pattern? #

18:15 @novelgentry or do you think that chyrp would be fine and I'll just ahve to figure out a way to do it? #

18:18 @novelgentry I have gmail too... #

18:20 @novelgentry sent you an invite #

19:46 On my way to fres to the no... Ugh a 4hr drive with evy :/ #

20:12 Jesus fucking christ, I don't think this is going to get any better #

20:29 Even her voice has started grating me... #

21:15 What do you need to do? I need you to leave me alone and my mom to leave me alone. #

23:21 I'm gonna come home and the checl that's waiting for me will be gone in seconds :/ #

00:17 Omg!!! My twin is gonna be bacl in 6 weeks!!!!!! #

00:19 @DoNZzZ hey, good and you? #

00:24 @theruinerisin how did you meet AC Slater? #

00:26 @theruinerisin but more important question, did you get an ONTD sign? #

00:30 I'm in fresno and I can feel the heat radiating into the car from the outside 0_o #

00:36 Its 81 degrees... At 12:35am :/ #

01:59 @theruinerisin don't I look like an idiot lol #

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Jun. 24th, 2009

also made by nervous_girl

02:21 RT Mousavi has called for largest March of Sea of Green on Thurs in Tehran in memory of the martyrs - #Iranelection #

03:18 RT players of IRI national football team banned from speaking to press after wearing green armbands in Korea game - #Iranelection #

03:18 RT Militia all over Tehran on motorbike beating pedestrians for no reason - #Iranelection - to frightened people #

03:19 RT Neda - - #Iranelection RT RT RT #

03:40 RT all over Tehran on walls is written 'death to the dictator' - #Iranelection #

03:40 RT political prisoners being tortured to deny support for Sea of Green - #Iranelection - prison source #

04:52 RT RT White House spokesman said Iran has begun 2 "change" but cautioned that Obama wld not back calls 4 a general strike thr. #

05:28 God dammit, it seems like everyone in the blogging universe uses wordpress #

05:50 I think I have found what I am looking for, chyrp. #

06:13 @chrasy its been found and that's what matters lol I'm gonna start reading up on it when I've gotten some sleep, then I'll ask questions lol #

06:14 RT San Francisco, CA protest 4 Iran: City Hall. Tues 23 Jan 2009, 12PM #iranelection #

06:14 RT Mousavi: From 2day every morning at 9am WE ALL travel 2 Tehran Bazaar, don't wear green #Iranelection #

10:20 Thank you for caring about my jpb situation, but FU. You should have told me we had to be there before 11, why did you wait until 10:20??? #

10:52 It is now 1051 and I've been waiting for my sister to finish getting ready for about 10min now. #

11:30 RT Guardian Council has extended time for considering election fraud claims 5 days more from tomorrow deadline #Iranelection #

11:31 RT We can hear ppl shouting from balcony right now 'Allah Akbar - death to Khamenei' - #Iranelection #

11:31 RT the ppl have lost all faith in this Gov - Iran can never be same as b4 again - #Iranelection #

11:32 RT tomorrow Mousavi annouce start of a new type of protests - peaceful and silent - soon there will be strikes #Iranelection #

11:33 RT all hospitals is surrounded by militia to check why ppl going in - if gun or baton injury - they arrest and beat u #Iranelection #

11:33 RT Violence and Widespread Arrests in the township of Amol #IranianElection #

13:04 @mindykaling you get in free to disneyland, but you have to register in the disney website first :) #

16:16 My Daily Twittascope - #

20:34 I am tired and I only slept three hours last ngiht even though I didn't take a nap, which you said was the root of my problems... 1/2 #

20:36 ...You were wrong, now leave me the fuck alone. I don't give a damn what you think so go yell at someone else because I could care less. 2/2 #

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by radiosupernova

Stop trying to be so fancy shmancy. They are called CHURROS. Even in Spain.

Jun. 23rd, 2009

also made by nervous_girl

02:45 RT TODAY 4pm - Haft Tir Sq - Meydan 7 Tir - Tehran - candle vigil - sitting on floor - in memory of our martyrs - #Iranelection RT RT RT #

13:59 RT Gov. threatening anyone who doesn't show up to work tomorrow that they will be fired. #Iranelection #

14:00 RT Hospital sources - as many as 47 killed so far by Gov in the streets - #Iranelection RT RT RT #

14:00 RT Hospital sources - at least 1000 people injured so far by Gov in the streets against Sea of Green - #Iranelection RT RT RT #

14:02 RT Karoubi - I invite the nation to participate on Thurs in rememberance of those killed by this Gov - #Iranelection RT RT RT #

14:06 RT confirmed - FULL NATIONAL STRIKE IN IRAN TOMORROW WEDNESDAY - Sea of Green #Iranelection RT RT RT - Mousavi #


14:07 RT CORRECTION & CONFIRM - National Strike announced by Mousavi for TUESDAY (now it is Tuesday in Iran) #Iranelection RT RT RT #

16:33 My Daily Twittascope - #

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Jun. 22nd, 2009

also made by nervous_girl

02:16 RT Mousavi - I call for free elections overseen by a fair national council - not one which has an agenda of its own - #Iranelection RT #

04:02 I can't sleep. I shouldn't have come home. #

05:52 @awesomeful youtube #

05:59 RT MOUSAVI - We need advice and help to organize a National Strike Plan - if u can help post on his facebook - #Iranelection RT RT RT #

06:00 @awesomeful no prob, there's like 10 different users who uploaded the movie :) #

06:12 @andyroddick dude that totally nullifies any complaint you had towards her music what so ever lol #

06:28 RT @unsung_tale: RT Faeze Hashemi Rafsanjani arrested yesterday - confirmed - #Iranelection #

07:05 @GreenBean227 my sister does that all the time, except we live in a one story and mostly she does it when she's in a room next to me. #

07:57 Just called my dad to wish him happy father's day. It reminds me that the patriarch of our family is no longer with us :( RIP abuelito #

08:05 @zanab they play a whole bunch of the awesome old DCOM movies on disney XD all the time, its awesome :) #

08:46 RT @StopAhmadi: 20 ppl arrested in front of UN office at Shahrzad Blvd #iranelection #

09:05 RT @StopAhmadi: Basij in plain cloth attack protesters (youtube) #iranelection #

09:24 RT @StopAhmadi: RT About 10,000 ppl sitting on Str at Gisha St (North Tehran) No Police till now #IranElection #

16:12 My Daily Twittascope - #

16:48 RT @StopAhmadi: Los Angeles, CA protest today (Sunday) federal building. 5pm-10pm #iranelection #

16:53 Have you ever slept, but not really had that deep rem sleep you need and just tossed and turned... Yeah as is my life... #

17:14 @thetoughsams go onto ontd_political #

17:44 @aidsriddenslut you're like the third person who I know that's had problems with itunes #

17:48 @tinyvamp #

18:28 RT @persiankiwi: If you catch militia - do not use violence do not kill him - treat him as your brother - #Iranelection RT RT RT #

18:28 RT @persiankiwi: Allah Akbar va Rahmatulla - peace be upon you - thank you our people and supporters #Iranelection #

20:43 My dad being a jokester #

20:58 My dad and my sister :) #

21:09 One of my dad's presents :) #

22:00 RTRT RT RT -Iranian Tweet: CAUTION: BLOCK all NEW users with NO or VERY FEW followers! They are BASIJ! #IranElection #neda RT #

01:06 RT Tuesday, June 23rd, nationwide strike in Iran (bazaar, offices, schools etc...) Iranians pass to all family and friends. #iranelection #

01:40 Photo: Father’s day with my daddy :) #

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